This time we bring an update to the current Patches 1 and 2. As the scenery is updated, also the patches need a revision. These are the main improvements:

– Correction of a bug in Patch 2 that can cause the islands to disappear from the GPS display.

– Kalaupapa Airport (PHLU) now includes a smooth transition mesh in the coast area.

– A little revision of the patches instructions.

– Sea traffic model improved: now there are more boats around the coast, we recommend to set the Traffic settings of ships and ferries at 50% and the leisure boats at 100%.

For now the road traffic is the default one, only shown in the major roads setting the traffic at 30% but the seed for an accurate road traffic is ready and in the next releases we will have a more extended model.


If you previously installed this patches, and want to update we recommend to:

Patch 1: just copy and overwrite the file HPS_PHLU_FLTN.bgl in the Airports Mesh folder.

Patch 2: needs to be applied again, so copy and overwrite all the files.

Also if you use the FSDream Team Kahului airport scenery copy the file HPS_Maui_WTR.bgl in the Airports Mesh folder (contained in the Patch 1).

The patches are available here:


About the direction we want to take with the project is to simplify the installation process as it evolves. Our next release is going to be the update of Molokini crater, to match it with the HD mesh that is included with the Patch 2.

The next step will be to include night textures for Oahu and Maui, the future versions 0.99. As this will require a new installer, we are going to make only one per volume, with the patches included to minimize the number of folders in the scenery library, what until now was not possible because each island had a very different version number and requires a clean installation.

At this point all the islands (except the Big Island that will follow the same steps later) will include restored textures, with improved color and the clouds cleared, night textures and its Plus version available, so the updates will be applied with little patches, for example the jump from versions 0.99 to the v.1.0 will be just a patch to add the Autogen.


Have a nice weekend,

Javier Trinidad.