To launch our new scenery format for X-Plane, we are happy to announce Niihau 2.0. The most important features of Niihau 2.0 are as follows:

  • Our launch product of our collaboration with the developer of Ortho4XP for seamless and high-performance conversion. It should be noted that we are using normal Hawaii Photoreal resources and are not sourcing any imagery to online imagery servers through Ortho4XP. We are using a custom configuration of Ortho4XP.
  • Drastically improved performance: In simple terms, versions 1.x of Niihau and all former islands had X-Plane’s normal terrain with an HD Mesh, as well as our custom OrthoPhotos. This meant you were rendering every bit of ground twice – we’ve made it so the orthophotos are now our only ground textures!
  • A new download format. Islands will no longer be available in their entirety through one download. Downloads will take place as 1x1 degree tiles.

We need to make a couple of things clear:

  1. There are known issues within Niihau 2.0. A full list of these issues will be included with the download, so if you run across an issue you would like to report, please check that we have not already addressed it. The reason we are releasing with bugs is that these bugs are no currently possible to resolved and are not grossly detrimental to the flying experience we aim to share with our users.
  2. If you intend to use any scenery that is not developed by Hawaii Photoreal on the islands of Niihau, Kaula or Lehua, please consult with us as our scenery will conflict with pretty much anything, but we are glad to help. These issues will be resolved for the releases of future islands.
  3. There will be many updates in the future. These updates will small and will be easy to install, but it will be important that our users check back at least once a month to ensure their products are up-to-date. We will publish all updates on this page, so following it will ensure your enjoyment of Niihau.

Our users will also be glad to know that we are doing testing in both X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11, and compatibility will remain for both for the foreseeable future.

Download through: