Hello all X-Plane users! We are proud to announce that the Big Island of Hawaii, Maui, Lanai, Kahoolawe and Molokini have been released.

This release is years in the making, and without the support the of our users it would have taken longer. We welcome donations to Hawaii Photoreal if you are happy with our work, as we are always updating, refreshing and adding imagery and airports. Donations are welcomed at https://hawaii-photoreal.com/, and we thank you in advance for your consideration. Plus versions of scenery, including seasonal textures and highly improved airports will be available in the near future for many of those who support us.

The download is now live at:


For the users who were enthusiastic enough to download version 2.0 during the last week, we released small patches to move easily to 2.1 with minimal downloading (less that 100MB). These patches correct a major bug in version 2.0 affecting the coastlines and masks, and can be found on our interactive scenery download map (above link).


Happy flying and we hope you enjoy this release and future releases from Hawaii Photoreal!