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News - Hawaii Photoreal Project

Hawaii for X-Plane 10/11 work in progress preview

We expect to release by the end of the summer the entire chain as available for FSX in X-Plane 11. As we inch closer to completion, we’ve finished the bulk of the work. All that’s left is some cloud removal and refining, the mesh is still providing...
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Niihau 2.0 for X-Plane 10/11 is now available!

To launch our new scenery format for X-Plane, we are happy to announce Niihau 2.0. The most important features of Niihau 2.0 are as follows: Our launch product of our collaboration with the developer of Ortho4XP for seamless and high-performance conversion. It...
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Hawaii “The Big Island” version 0.95 released for FSX and P3D

The biggest island and the one that gives the name to the Hawaiian islands chain, is now available in a new version where the clouds are gone forever of the ground textures. Now  we can enjoy the complete archipelago in a more inmersive way, without the annoying...
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Big Island and AutoGen work in progress preview

The new cloudless version for the Big Island (v.0.95) is on its way. It will include some interesting features with the Plus version, like snow on top of the Mauna Kea and the Mauna Loa during January and some custom effects for the Hawaii Volcanoes National...
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Society Islands Beta V2 Leeward Islands released!

Now it is available to purchase through the Flight Sim Jewels website: the new version of our side project. This is a full revision of the previous Society Islands version (V1) with a new...
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Patch 3, PHBK and JHM airports reported bugs fixed

This little patch correct a couple of problems, a water hole appearing around PHBK – Barking Sands Airport and a compatibility issue between Charles Reis´ autogen and JHM – Kapalua Airport by George Keogh, where some trees appears over the apron. The...
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Patches 1 & 2 updates and project roadmap

This time we bring an update to the current Patches 1 and 2. As the scenery is updated, also the patches need a revision. These are the main improvements: – Correction of a bug in Patch 2 that can cause the islands to disappear from the GPS display....
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Molokai v.0.9 release and major update to Niihau v.1.0 for X-Plane 10

Aloha X-Planers! Premiering with the new website design, we´re glad to announce two releases for X-Plane 10: Molokai V.0.9 is a completly new release for this simulator that features stunningly vivid and cloudless orthoimagery for the entire island, UHD Mesh,...
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