Scenery compatibility

Hawaii Photoreal is also compatible with other sceneries within the area, for a better experience download the PATCH for compatibility between sceneries.



Hawaiian Airports Parts 1, 2 & 3 by George Keogh, is the perfect complement for the photoreal scenery. It contains a very nice and precise modeling of Molokai (PHMK), Lanai City (PHNY), Hana (PHHN), Kalaupapa (PHLU), Mauai West (JHM), John Rodgers Field (PHJR), Barking Sands (PHBK), Ford Island (NPS), Kaneohe Bay (PHNG), Upolu (PHUP), Waimea (PHMU), Princeville (HI01) and Port Allen (PAK).

– Kalaupapa airport (Newport).
– Hawaiian Airports Volume I & II (FSDreamTeam): Lihue (PHLI), Hilo International (PHTO), Maui (PHOG) and Keahole (PHKO).


– Till we develop the full archipelago, this scenery can be complemented with the remaining island of Kauai by Ironhand, available in Great photoreal scenery, a must have!


– Molokai and Maui (Charles Reid), available in avsim. Very detailed AutoGen for these islands.

– Scenery locations for many of the ports of the islands (Doug Linn):