PATCH 1 – Scenery Compatibility – Download

Hawaii Photoreal Scenery is compatible with several airport/autogen sceneries of different authors and brands (see the Scenery Compatibility tab), but as they use different meshes for the same area, visual glitches may occur. This patch tries to fix these issues.

PATCH 2 – Environment Enhancement – Download
  • 10 meters resolution HD mesh for the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Water Class improved for the whole archipelago.
  • Sea traffic improved: now with more boats around the coast!
  • Changed the Autogen Class of Lanai and reworked the hotel zone in the southern part of the island.
  • Included the shipwrecks in the north shore of Lanai.
  • Fixed bug at PHDH (Dillingham airport, Oahu).
PATCH 3 – Environment Enhancement – Download
  • Fixed a water hole bug around PHBK –  Braking Sands Airport.
  • Fixed a compatibility bug between JHM – Kapalua Airport (Hawaiian Airports) and Charles Reid´s autogen.
Aeronautical charts for Hawaii

Links to Sectional, VFR and IFR Enroute Low and Hi Charts, Weather Minimums, Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR) Charts, Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) Charts, Departure Procedure (DP) Charts, Airport Facility Directories and Diagrams. Also you can find a Flight Plan tool in the same web.