Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D download links: click the images

Downloads FSX/P3D 1

Hawaii Photoreal Volumes are designed to work in combination with the Hawaiian Airports and Extra Contents. Installation instructions at: https://hawaii-photoreal.com/installation-fsx-p3d/

Hawaii Photoreal – Volume 1
Downloads FSX/P3D 2

Discover Niihau the Forgotten Island, the Pacific Grand Canyon in Kauai or fly around Pearl Harbour and Honolulu in Oahu!
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Hawaii Photoreal – Volume 2
Downloads FSX/P3D 3

Explore the highest sea cliffs in the World, the beautiful coral reefs or the Mount Haleakala amongst many other wonders.
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Hawaii Photoreal – Volume 3
Downloads FSX/P3D 4

Come across the massive shield volcanoes Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, standing out above 13,500 feet from the sea level!
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Hawaii Plus version
Downloads FSX/P3D 5

If you enjoy our work, you can support us through the Hawaii Plus version.
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Hawaiian Airports
Downloads FSX/P3D 6

George Keogh shares with us thirteen airports modeled in great detail within this archipelago.
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Hawaii Extra Contents
Downloads FSX/P3D 7

Set of autogen freeware packages matching the Photoreal scenery!
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Hawaii Autogen Update
Downloads FSX/P3D 8

Autogen update to match the photoreal scenery. Includes also a fix for the Hawaiian Airports AI traffic neccesary for Prepar3D v4.
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