X-Plane 11 development continues... 1

Hi all! It´s been long since the latest news update, but I’m still here! and looking forward to bring interesting news during the next months.

I started developing for X-Plane 11, because Colin S. who was converting the scenery from FSX/P3D to this simulator left the project due to lack of time. My intention is to update the scenery with a more detailed autogen, port George Keogh´s Hawaiian Airports, include the island of Kauai, and make an installer to set up all quickly and easily.

Also the previous update announced for FSX/P3D is very advanced, and about the new FS2020, recently I´ve been testing the Beta and despite overall it looks gorgeous, I think there are some details that can be improved in Hawaii. For example, some mountanious areas have clouds in the textures and the beautiful coral reefs are not present in the current version, so when they release the SDK I´d like to develop also for this simulator to improve this kind of details.

As you can see there are many open fronts, but I hope to start bringing all these updates sooner than later.

I hope you are all doing well, best wishes,

Javier Trinidad.