Autogen Update available for FSX/P3D and Hawaii version 1.0 preview 1

This time we bring an update to improve the autogen and a fix for the Hawaiian Airports AI traffic in Prepar3D v4:

  • The new Autogen represents 5 biomes precisely delimited (grassland, shrubland, dry forest, mesic forest and wet forest) and also includes buildings, with a new set of HD textures inspired by the Polynesian architecture style. This texture is very similar to the one that I already share through:
    but with new roofs to match better the Hawaiian archipelago.
  • Fix for the AI traffic models in Prepar3D v4, solving a problem in which some aircrafts do not show the landing gear and possible CTD under certain circumstances. Thanks for this fix to Steve Weinkamer.

The update is already available in the downloads page and it is called Hawaii Autogen Update:

This update is the previous step to the release of the version 1.0 for Hawaii Photoreal, the new version that I am working on and that will include important improvements:

  • An automatic installer, so it no longer will require to manually copy the files, making the process easier.
  • Improvements to the autogen as it needs a bit of fine tuning (some buildings can overlap or are wrongly located).
  • Special mention and thanks to Greg Putz for allowing me to include his superb 75 models of real-world resorts and hotels along the West Maui coast. His scenery is available for FS9 at

As you can see in the screenshots the models are already converted and placed, but I have to remake the vegetation to match his scenery and also I will include new high resolution terrain textures (0.3 to 0.5 meters/ pixel) to enhance all West Maui peninsula.

Also I plan to keep improving the Plus version, so I will include better night lighting, in the way I updated the Society Islands with lamp posts effects, add new textures to show glowing lava flows during the night in the Kilawea and the Volcanoes National Park, and increase the number of biomes…

I hope you enjoy this update and what is coming! Mahalo!