Hawaii autogen vegetation (BETA) for FSX and Prepar3D... ready! 1

Hi to all simulation enthusiasts! This time we bring what many people consider as an essential part for a photorealistic scenery, and not without reason. This is a BETA version so is not perfect yet and that is why is included in a download apart. The final version will include more accurate boundaries and more detail. It is now available with the other downloads (scroll down). To install it just copy / paste the texture folders in each of the corresponding volumes (Hawaii Photoreal Vols. 1, 2, 3) and overwrite the AGN files when asked for.

Also we show a preview of the buildings for Oahu currently imported into 3DS MAX, we have the main models/shape of the buildings, for the whole archipelago, so our next steps will be to adjust the height and make a photorealistic set of textures to fit this models.

I take this opportunity to remind you that Hawaii Plus version is included in the Flight Sim Jewels summer sale offer. We are a very small developing team and we greatly appreciate any kind of support.

Have a nice weekend,