Hawaii autogen vegetation (BETA) for FSX and Prepar3D… ready!

Hawaii autogen vegetation (BETA) for FSX and Prepar3D... ready! 1

Hi to all simulation enthusiasts! This time we bring what many people consider as an essential part for a photorealistic scenery, and not without reason. This is a BETA version so is not perfect yet and that is why is included in a download apart. The final version will include more accurate boundaries and more detail. It is now available with the other downloads (scroll down). To install it just copy / paste the texture folders in each of the corresponding volumes (Hawaii Photoreal Vols. 1, 2, 3) and overwrite the AGN files when asked for.

Also we show a preview of the buildings for Oahu currently imported into 3DS MAX, we have the main models/shape of the buildings, for the whole archipelago, so our next steps will be to adjust the height and make a photorealistic set of textures to fit this models.

I take this opportunity to remind you that Hawaii Plus version is included in the Flight Sim Jewels summer sale offer. We are a very small developing team and we greatly appreciate any kind of support.

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Hawaii Photoreal Creators Update: Overhaul for FSX/P3D, PHMK Molokai Airport for X-Plane 11 and Plus version premiere, now ready!

Hawaii Photoreal Creators Update: Overhaul for FSX/P3D, PHMK Molokai Airport for X-Plane 11 and Plus version premiere, now ready! 2

The Hawaii Plus upgrade for all our X-Plane 11 supporters is ready, and it includes winter textures for Big Island and Maui! We are also releasing another airport for X-Plane 11. PHMK Molokai Airport is now available, with all pavement, lines and markings hand laid to line up as best possible with the imagery we have provided. The airport buildings and many objects are converted, with authorization, from George Keoghs Hawaiian Airports Pack for FSX/P3D. Every gate and parking area for aircraft is available in your loading screen in X-Plane 11. Roads do not yet align perfectly to satellite imagery, but we are working towards providing a corrected road network for the islands. For the installation details check the manual, and the Seasonal Textures Installation part specifically for the Plus version:

We are also happy to announce that there is available a new build for FSX and Prepar3D, that attempts to make the installation process easier by reducing the number of steps and by merging contents (the previous patches and islands) and also tries to maximize the compatibility with the Hawaiian Airports by George Keogh and the autogen. These packages now are adapted to match the Photoreal scenery and required to work together. This update needs a fresh install and you can find all the download links at:

The scenery for FSX/P3D has been extensively revised and many improvements have been applied, although there are others still pending such as blending colors with George´s airports, the overall improvements are a step forward for this project. Now you can find autogen around all the airports and in many other places, waterfalls accurately placed, realistic interisland traffic schedules, and many other details to discover!

I´ll be sending the Plus version keys/download links during the next days, but if you want to receive it faster send us your emails to:

We hope you enjoy it !!!